In a busy stockroom, things can often become lost amongst the clutter. Hunting through the chaos for a particular item can take much longer than it should, which holds up other business activities. It’s why a well-designed storage system can, not only, allow a business to store more, but also to better organise their stock. With an efficient shelving layout, each item can be stored securely and can be found in seconds.

For Wellcom, a full service production agency, having easy access to client products and props on a regular basis is key for producing their photo shoots and videos for catalogue and online.

After expanding into an additional facility in Melbourne to cope with the client demand, this busy studio required an efficient and effective storage system to be installed in their new and larger stockroom.

SSS Widespan Shelving System

This space is to accommodate a range of different props, products and backdrops – some small and others awkwardly shaped or bulky. Various beam heights would be required, along with carefully planned areas for taller or heavier items that cannot be lifted safely onto the shelving.

The widespan shelving selected for this solution is ideal for smaller storerooms where items are to be manually picked and packed. The compact design takes up less floor space compared to industrial pallet racking. This provides greater flexibility for the shelving layout, while also allowing for the storage of bulky items.

Storeroom Shelving

The installation of widespan shelving can also be achieved quickly, which means there is minimal disruption to your workplace. This layout has been designed to allow for more storage shelves to be installed as Wellcom continues to expand its client base here in Melbourne.

Yet, with the business growing faster than anticipated, the next phase will commence earlier than planned, with roll out of more shelving to commence early next year.

Fully stocked shelving at Wellcom Worldwide

“The team at Safer Storage Systems have made the headache of planning and organising our clients products and props very easy.

Prompt service, advice and effective and efficient delivery was the order of the day and the team delivered on all of them.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone who needs a storage solution tailored to their needs.”

Brian Rodda
Account Director
Wellcom Worldwide