ASRS, or Crane Racking as it is otherwise known, is an efficient and fully automated storage and retrieval system. With narrow aisles and heights of more than 30 metres, this solution offers efficient, high density storage for a large variety of pallets.

Crane Racking adapts to any warehouse with ease. From pallet load capacity and building heights, to storage cycle times and temperature control, this system is designed for complete flexibility.

As the name suggests, Crane Racking is equipped with cranes, which are guided by a management software system. The cranes travel along the aisles of the warehouse, then automatically position themselves to extract the goods before delivering each item to the front of the racking. It means warehouse staff do not have to enter the racking to pick the goods, making it safe, fast and highly accurate.

There is also the option for multi-deep configurations. A shuttle can be added to the crane to assist with the retrieval or storage of pallets.

Crane racking can also be designed as part of a rack clad building. The pallet racking structure forms the building frames to support the walls and ceiling. Cladding is added directly onto the racking, which means that every inch of the warehouse can be utilised for storage. These structures are designed to handle external loads as well as support the crane and racking.


  • Efficient loading and retrieval times.
  • Improved safety.
  • Reduced picking times with high throughput.
  • Maximum storage capacity with minimal footprint.
  • Precise location of goods and eliminating picking errors.
  • Works in temperatures of -30 °C to extreme humidity.
  • Can be installed at heights of 30+ metres.
ASRS High Bay Racking