Not only is selective racking the most common configuration for any warehouse, this type of shelving allows for the very best view and accessibility to your stock.

As the pallet locations are built into single runs, either stand alone (single entry) or back to back rows (double entry), all pallets are aisle facing. This gives maximum visibility to your products, as well as the ability for a forklift operator to select any product at any one time.

Beam levels are fully adjustable depending on the weight and size of your products. In most cases, top beam levels can be positioned up to 15 metres high, allowing for greater use of the height of your warehouse.


  • Free and unrestricted access to stock at all times.
  • Complete customisation of beam levels to suit the products you stock and your stock rotation.
  • Suitable for bulky mixed-pallet goods.
  • Utilise the floor of the warehouse as an additional pallet location without the need for additional beams.
  • Rack heights of up to 15m and maximum bay loads of up to 30 tonnes.
  • P90 components are permanently protected against corrosion.
  • Works well with counter balance, reach, articulated, stock pickers & turret trucks.
  • Simple to adjust the configuration as your business needs grow or change.


The modular nature of selective racking means it can be completely designed around your business needs. It is available in single or double deep-depth racks, allowing the storage of pallets, boxes or mesh containers and more. Beam levels can be unique to each bay or consistent across the entire system, giving you great flexibility around what and how you utilise your storage space.

Need to expand your storage capacity?

No problem. Additional frames and beams can be added to your starter bays. Our team always plans for future growth, so your pallet racking system can be expanded or reconfigured when you need the extra capacity. SSS will ensure the pallet racking is engineered and suitable for reconfiguration.

Accessories for added safety and functionality.

Our P90+ Pallet Racking offers a range of accessories to improve picking of products such as mesh decks, step beams, particleboard/timber shelf levels, CLS (carton live storage), as well as a range of safety add-ons, such as our innovative upright protectors and end aisle guards.