Agile work environments are becoming popular in offices across a range of industries. These collaborative spaces offer great advantages to staff and employees, and often utilise lockers and lockable storage cabinets in lieu of permanent workstations with pedestals.

Lockers and cabinets are a convenient and streamlined solution offering adequate storage for all members of your team. The size and shape can be incorporated into your office design, and can also be customised with shelves or hanging rails depending on your requirements.

The flexible nature of these lockable storage systems compliments the agile workspace perfectly. And if properly planned, can also be integrated into your building security access cards – that means only one security card is needed for each staff member.

Not only is this a more convenient solution for staff, it dramatically reduces the overall cost to your business.

Storage security systems, particularly for lockers cannot be determined in isolation. Getting in contact with your storage systems provider before you plan the building security will allow the opportunity to ensure the two systems are compatible.

The more information you can provide your storage professional the better your storage solution will be in terms of both staff efficiency and accuracy of costs. Taking the time to plan your workspace storage will lead to a happier and more productive work environment.

The following questions are helpful for your storage team in determining the lockers and security requirements for your business.

• Are you aiming for an Agile or Activity Based Workplace (ABW)?
• How many staff members do you have? Or how many do you need to plan for?
• What type of personal storage items need to be considered?
• Are charging stations required, and if so where?
• Do you have common filing areas that only certain departments/staff are allowed access to?
• Do you have any security mandates or legislative requirements to adhere to?

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