Shelving is essential in most workplaces, however as your storage needs grow, static shelving may not be the most efficient use of space. Mobile shelving is a popular option for commercial or academic applications, in fact it can help any business improve their office filing capacity.

With premium office leases ranging from $550+ per square metre in many locations across Australia, traditional office storage units can start to take up far too much floor space. This can severely impact your work environment with less space available for staff to work and collaborate.

Compared with conventional fixed shelving, mobile shelving can reduce your storage footprint by up to 50% and help create an open and uncluttered workspace. Plus, these clever shelving systems could save you thousands of dollars over the term of your lease while providing a more efficient filing system.

Manual or mechanical assisted mobile storage options can be tailored to suit your space and storage requirements – the number of bays and shelf levels required can be customised accordingly. With low profile tracks, these mobile shelving systems are safe and also allow for wheelchair access.

When should you consider mobile storage options?

Mobile office shelving units (also known as compact storage) are ideal for businesses with high density filing needs or business with limited storage space.

Answer these 4 questions to see if your business could benefit from mobile storage.

1. Are your existing storage requirements exceeding your current storage capacity?

2. Is your business expanding, requiring more staff to fit in your existing floor space?

3. Are you downsizing your office and not sure if all your staff and storage requirements will fit?

4. Are you relocating or refurbishing your office area and want to maximise your floor space?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, a mobile storage system could help you save on space, cut down costs, and improve efficiency in your office.

Whether you are just starting to plan your new office layout or need to improve the storage capacity in your existing space, your office storage systems provider will be able to advise on the most suitable efficient systems for your storage to maximise your storage space.

For more information on mobile storage systems, or whether a mobile storage systems will work in your office space, contact us.