In this final installment of our series on effective warehouse process, we discuss the key reasons why you should set aside time periodically to evaluate your pallet storage locations. This is an important task and can have a huge impact on your business – read on to find out more.

Why are pallet locations important?

The pallet locations selected for each of your products has a big impact on your team’s ability to locate and access the items required for each order. As a rule of thumb, place your fastest moving products into the most accessible spaces, as these are the items you’ll most frequently need.

Allocate your fastest products to the most accessible pallet spaces.

This process of finding the best pallet location for each of your products isn’t a set and forget task. With businesses changing and growing so fast these days, your storage needs can also change just as quickly.

We recommend Re-evaluating your pallet storage allocations every three to six months to ensure you are utilising your space effectively. This will help to minimise the time your warehouse team spends searching for and bringing down heavy pallets from higher beam levels.

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The benefits of this includes:
– Fewer incidences with forklifts;
– Reduced chance of racking damage; and
– Customer orders delivered on time.

Does your pallet racking layout suit your storage requirements?

In some cases your storage needs may change significantly and require a new pallet racking configuration. Your storage systems provider can often help you create a new layout using your existing racking materials and minimal disruption to your daily workflow.

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