Racking protection is a smart choice for every warehouse with any form of pallet storage, from single entry through to automated facilities.

Even the most robust, and well-planned pallet racking is susceptible to damage caused by materials handling equipment moving in and around the aisles. The impact from a forklift can cause frames and beams to buckle or even break, which can lead to potentially serious failures.

Some storage areas have an increased risk of forklifts coming in contact with the pallet racking. For example, any high activity areas, larger warehouses, businesses that employ high volumes of casual operators, and environments such as cool rooms and freezers where the environment can effect concentration levels are more susceptible to incidences.

Any such incident in the warehouse must be reported to the relevant person in your business. This should then be followed up by a professional rack inspection to determine whether there is any structural damage that requires the materials to be repaired or replaced.

Rack End Protection

To help reduce the impact to the racking, as well as the potential risk of injuring staff and/or damaging products, end protectors, protector baseplates, upright protection, back stops and corner guards can be added. This is a simple and inexpensive solution that minimises rack maintenance costs, along with any down time associated with repairs.

Protector baseplates

Racking protection can be customised to suit almost any application and is available in materials that withstand freezer room temperatures.

These highly visible guards help to guide the materials handling equipment around your racking and act as a physical barrier that helps prevent contact by a forklift. Replacing an end protector or corner guard is far less costly that replacing an upright, or in some cases an entire bay of racking.

Benefits of Rack Protection At A Glance

Rack Protection

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