Automation in the warehouse isn’t a futuristic concept – it is a smart way to enhance manual processes, optimise picking and packing efficiency, and improve safety in the warehouse. These benefits not only directly impact the warehouse and warehouse staff, it has a flow-on effect to other areas of a business which can increase overall profitability.

An automated storage machine, such as the Tornado Vertical Lift Module (VLM), offers an excellent return on investment and is becoming a smart choice for many Australian businesses.

This VLM uses a goods to person principle and is ideal for businesses with small and an extensive number of SKUs.

The storage machine can be tailored to suit specific operating requirements and is controlled with a Windows-based interface.

How can a VLM improve warehouse efficiency?
Up to 70% saving in floor space capacity
• Up to 65% boost in handling efficiency
• Fast and accurate picking with up to 99.9% stock-picking accuracy

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