Pallet racking is an important investment for your business. Here’s what you need to know about buying pallet racking.

1. Is it AS 4084 – 2012 compliant?
Standards Australia sets out the minimum requirements and responsibilities for all static, closed faced steel storage racking systems installed in Australia. It also contributes to meeting Australian safe working standards.

Your pallet racking supplier should be able to provide the appropriate documentation to show its adherence to the safety standard.

2. Consider the lifespan of the product.
Steel storage is hardwearing, however is available in various qualities. If the steel is thinner, it may need to be replaced sooner which could end up costing you more in the long run.

3. Does it have adequate load capacity?
The load bearing capacity of your pallet racking should be designed around your products or items you need to store. Stacking a lighter duty shelving with heavy items can cause the beams to buckle under the weight, which not only damages your racking but can potentially injure staff.

4. What rack protection will you require?
Even in the safest warehouses, accidents can happen. It’s much more practical, and economical, to replace a steel guard on your racking than replacing an entire bay. The type of forkrucks that will be used to load and unload products on and off the shelving can help determine the type of rack protection required.

5. Ask for a sample of the racking
A reputable pallet racking supplier will be happy to provide you a sample of the racking, so you can compare the quality of the product before you commit.

What to consider when buying pallet racking

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