“Mainfreight engaged SSS to design and construct a mezzanine solution to store a varied range of SKUs. SSS was selected based on a trusted relationship, successful track record of quality products and delivery on time. This project was completed within two months as promised; from concept, design, engineering and the building of the mezzanine to the supply and installation of the bespoke shelving required to accommodate the bins.”
Simon Hart
National Logistics Manager

Mainfreight recently secured a new customer to supply duty free products into Sydney International Airport. They required 25,000 SKU’s to be stored in a small area that allowed easy access for multiple pickers.

To create the most efficient storage system for thousands of different product lines of various shapes and sizes, the Safer Storage Systems team developed a manual picking solution. This included a rack supported mezzanine floor of 460m2 with pallet gates and incline conveyor.

Manual Picking Solution - Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floors are an ideal choice for maximising a small storage area where products can be hand loaded and unloaded. Adding an extra level to your warehouse can also act as a display area or additional working space. Read more about the benefits of mezzanine floors here. (Will link through to Mezzanine Floor page of our website)

This storage solution created for Mainfreight also considers the future of the business. The single mezzanine floor, along with the layout of the shelving, has been designed in such a way that allows for a second tier to easily be added later, making the structure scalable as the storage needs grow.

As there are many different products to be arranged and stored within the small space, the lower and upper levels of the mezzanine floor have been fitted with custom-built roll post shelving that sit perfectly within the racking bays. These shelves were also designed integrate with a specific plastic bin system which would house the individual SKUs.

Plastic Bins line the custom storage shelves under this Mezzanine Floor Storage Solution.

During the planning phase, our design team also built in a number of safety precautions. This included designing the structure around the requirements of the Australian Construction Code and ensuring it had adequate load bearing capacity.

Additionally, ample lighting was fitted underneath the mezzanine floor for greater visibility of the products, as well as the shelving structure itself, to reduce the chance of trips, falls and product damage. Fire sprinklers were also installed on the ground floor as an additional safety measure.

This well-planned mezzanine floor utilised second hand materials that were dismantled in Melbourne and transported to Sydney. Used materials are a smart option to help reduce the overall cost of warehouse storage without compromising on quality. It’s also a great way to cut down your business’s carbon footprint.

Transportation of the 12m long incline conveyor proved to be a challenge due to its size, however it was well worth the efforts in finding a solution to move it all the way from Melbourne to Sydney. Once re-installed at the new site, together with the new flooring, handrail, pallet gates and roll post shelving – the finished result looks as good as brand new.

Incline Conveyor For Custom Storage System - Mezzanine Floor

One of the biggest challenges for the construction team was completing the works in the tight timeframe while the site was still operational. With other fork trucks operating in the areas surrounding the site, particular care was put into planning and traffic management for moving materials and equipment around the site. The team also had to work efficiently and keep the site free of excess materials and equipment to reduce disruption to the day-to-day warehouse activities.

Progress Shot of The Custom Build Mez Floor

The whole process from design to completed construction was undertaken within two months. With a tight time frame such as this, creating a well thought out plan is essential. Spending the additional time in the design phase to optimise the space for maximum storage and picking flexibility will also save thousands of dollars in time down the track for Mainfreight.

The final result speaks for itself …

Custom Mezzanine Floor Created for Mainfreight

Download this case study – click here.

Mainfreight Sydney Mezzanine Storage