• 40,000 SQM Warehouse
  • 37,000 pallet locations
  • Aus-made, lower emission Pallet Racking 

Officeworks have celebrated the opening of their 40,000 SQM, purpose-built Import Distribution Centre (IDC) in Altona. The new facility will help Officeworks to improve stock availability and inventory management, for a much more efficient flow of stock to stores and, ultimately, to customers. It is part of a broader plan to continue to improve and modernise their overall supply chain. 

To celebrate the launch of the new IDC, key Officeworks personnel were onsite to cut the ribbon, with Managing Director Sarah Hunter speaking about the features and initiatives of the facility. The presentation included a guided tour of the site to observe the scale and innovative features of the site firsthand. Guests on the day included Officeworks partners and team members, including Safer Storage System’s own director Matt Bell and Sales Manager James Hardy.


Sustainability was an important consideration for this new facility and features our Safer Storage Systems Australian-made, lower emission SILVERLINE® Racking. 

Using our more sustainable SILVERLINE® Racking in this project helped prevent over 137 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. It would take 7130 trees to offset this CO2 over one year, when compared to relative sources from Europe or Asia.  

Learn more about SSS SILVERLINE® Pallet Racking and calculate your potential carbon savings here. 

Other notable features of this Officeworks IDC include solar power systems, car battery charging stations and native planting around the site.  

Safer Storage Systems and Gonvarri Material Handling are proud to be part of this exciting project for Officeworks – a huge achievement for all involved! 


Designed with people + planet in mind, this Officeworks facility has been optimised with:  
  • 37,000 pallet locations using SSS Australian-made, lower emission SILVERLINE® Racking   
  • 10km+ of Epoxy Resin Line marking for traffic management, walkways and 600 staging lanes.  
  • 720+ linear meters of suspended steel structure supporting 600 overhead staging signs  
  • 400+ linear meters of Armco Railing including handrail  
  •  Heavy duty base-plates, upright protectors and rack end protectors 
  •  Shelf levels customised with mesh decks, safety signage and labels 
  •  Full lighting and fire safety considerations