Safer Storage Systems (SSS) recently announced its local manufacturing capabilities with the launch of their Australian-made P90+Racking – Silverline. Using higher tensile steel, this is a premium pallet racking range that’s offering businesses across the country a better return on investment.

SSS is 100% Australian owned and operated with decades of experience developing comprehensive storage solutions to suit a range of requirements and facility types. The business is committed to pushing the boundaries in the storage solutions industry and their new Silverline range does just that.

What are the advantages of Silverline P90+ Racking?

In addition to being Australian-made, one of the most notable differences of Safer Storage Systems’ P90+Racking is the galvanised finish on beams and pre-galvanised uprights.

Galvanised beams are the gold standard throughout Europe and for good reason. Compared to powder coated beams, galvanised beams offer substantial benefits which can be tracked throughout the warehouse and beyond.

Here are some of the benefits of the SSS Silverline range:

Brighter Finish

Galvanised beams reflect the light and allow light to better penetrate throughout the racking system. This provides enhanced visibility in the warehouse for increased safety and peace of mind.

Painted beam safety pins stand out against the galvanised racking, making safety inspections more efficient.

The galvanised finish also provides a greater contrast with our floor mounted guarding and safety yellow backstops, aiding forklift operators to place pallets into the racking with more accuracy.

Stronger & More Durable

Our Silverline P90+ Racking is made of high grade and high tensile steel (minimum 350MPa for beams and 450MPa for uprights), which is galvanised rather than powder coated. This ensures a final product that is stronger and more durable; it doesn’t corrode and looks better longer. So, your investment will stand the test of time, providing a safe and secure storage solution for years to come.

Better for the Environment

Our locally made, galvanised beams are better for the environment. That’s because the process for manufacturing galvanised beams produces less emissions than powder coated beams. Additionally, as our pallet racking is made in Australia, there is no associated overseas freight impact.


Why buy locally manufactured pallet racking?

In recent years, there has been a stronger demand for Australian-made products. It’s a fantastic way to support local businesses and the Australian economy.

Buying Australian-made pallet racking also means:

  • Exceptional quality control
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced freight cost
  • More jobs created for Australians

Read more about our local manufacturing capabilities here.

Designed in Europe, Made in Australia

Safer Storage Systems (SSS) has partnered with Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH) to access their premium range of warehouse storage solutions. SSS has the exclusive rights to manufacture the premium P90+ racking in Australia.

Australian-made P90+ Racking is available now! Contact us for more details.

“Here at GMH, we’re actively working to provide key distribution facilities across the globe. It’s why we have partnered with Safer Storage Systems – to provide businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand with high quality pallet racking and automated storage systems. The team and I at GMH are very happy with the quality of the local production, and the SSS team have exceeded expectations with their commitment to quality control and service.”

Brian Howson, Chief Technology Officer | GMH