• 37,000 sqm facility, located in Melbourne
  • Highly optimised storage solution using data & logic
  • Innovative HI280 storage solution
  • Critical fire safety & traffic solutions

Since arriving on Australian roads in 1959, Mazda has grown to become one of the most popular brands across the country. With Mazda’s sales growing year on year, the Australian distribution centre required a larger and better optimised space to keep up with demand.

For the newly acquired 37,000sqm storage facility, SSS designed and installed a highly customised storage solution to manage frequent incoming and outgoing spare parts.

The Storage Solution

Working closely with Mazda Australia, Safer Storage Systems developed a fully optimised layout for the new facility that would ensure the greatest efficiency and flexibility into the future, while also complying with strict fire safety regulations.

The first stage of this project was data analysis. With a long legacy in Australia, Mazda was able to provide excellent data records, which allowed the SSS team to fully understand and project the requirements for the new facility, including calculating the storage options and mediums required.

The completed project features HI280 shelving, Silverline Pallet Racking, Spiral Conveyors, and a dedicated stillage area for the sorting of good

Fully Customised HI280 Shelving Solution

HI280 is a unique, small parts storage system with customisable with widths and depths. SSS has exclusive access to this product in Australia, which is becoming increasingly popular for small components and spare parts facilities due to its versatility and flexibility. HI280 can be used to support a mezzanine floor, configured as a high bay storage system or very narrow aisle.

In this project the HI280 was configured as both a mezzanine system as well as a narrow aisle (VNA) solution with heights of eight metres.

For manual picking within the VNA system, stock pickers were utilised, running along a wire guide embedded into in the floor, an added safety feature to avoid a trip hazard. The guided stock pickers allow warehouse staff accurately and safely navigate the narrow aisles without damaging the storage structure or MHE equipment.

Another benefit of utilising HI280 is that we were able to utilise the same bin fronts and dividers between the mezzanine and VNA – these are completely interchangeable between the two systems, providing the flexibility to change the configuration as needed.

Spiral Conveyor

Two AmbaFlex spiral conveyors were installed at the front of the HI280 mezzanine, an efficient and ergonomic way to lift or lower products to and from the raised storage platform.

Compared to linear incline/decline conveyors the spiral formation reduces the overall footprint of the unit to save on space. While the conveyors are reversible, installing two conveyors meant each unit could be permanently set in one direction for better product flow, to allow for replenishing and picking at the same time.

In addition to being a practical and efficient solution for the busy facility to move products to and from the mezzanine, the conveyors were PMS colour matched to the blue colour of the Mazda brand, becoming a striking warehouse feature.

Fire Safety

To ensure strict fire safety codes were adhered to, the SSS team worked methodically through requirements with fire engineers. One of the prominent fire safety features to note is that the VNA HI280 system is configured with mesh sides, backs and mesh decks to allow for adequate water permeation.

P90+ Pallet Racking

Our P90+ pallet racking is a prominent feature of this Mazda project. Using, premium steel (minimum 350MPa for beams and 450MPa for uprights), this is the highest quality product available in Australia.

Covering almost 50% of the warehouse, pallet racking was customised to specified heights, widths and depths for the storage of larger/non-standard products. Like the HI280, the pallet racking was all completely covered in mesh decks as part of the fire safety protocol as well as allowing products to sit securely within the storage system.

Guarding was also installed throughout the racking system to add an extra layer of protection for the bespoke storage system. SSS pallet racking guards are all powder coated in safety yellow to ensure ample visibility for forklift operators and rack inspectors.

In Bound Goods, Out Bound Staging & Stillage Area

A large function of the Mazda facility is in sorting and preparing parts for distribution or storage. To do this, generous and well considered zones are essential. SSS ensured ample space was allocated in the design and consulted with Mazda to plan the most efficient traffic flow. The team then executed all the line markings accordingly.

Traffic Management

Traffic management within a warehouse is important for reducing hazards, and to ensure the most efficient flow for pedestrians and materials handling equipment. SSS planned and implemented a comprehensive traffic management solution, incorporating an outbound goods area, as well as pedestrian and forklift paths.

All traffic and storage areas are painted in safety yellow through the warehouse with external/internal line markings, including a pedestrian crossing.

This is further supported with Armco Rhino-Stop® barriers with integrated handrails, bollards, and walkway gates integrated with automatic flashing lights to alert forklift operators when the gates are opened. Armco Rhino-Stop® is a high-quality barrier which absorbs impact, protects pedestrians and the mezzanine floor structure, while looking neat and being easy to clean.

Shelf Labelling

SSS provided a complete turn-key solution for Mazda, including shelf labelling throughout all storage systems. This is a crucial step in setting up for an organised and efficient storage facility.


Working through covid restrictions, this project required exceptional planning and time management to meet the timelines mapped out. The SSS team worked closely with Mazda throughout the entire process to ensure a fully optimised and scalable solution with the highest fire safety standards.