Karcher is the leading manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners and
industrial vacuums. This global business has an extensive product range across private, commercial and industrial markets. For this innovative and forward-thinking business, it’s vital that each of its warehouses can maintain optimal capacity and efficiency as the product range grows.

A well-designed pallet racking system is able to adapt to a business’s changing storage needs. However, we often see racking that has been installed without adequate planning for future growth.

For Karcher’s longstanding facility in Scoresby, here in Victoria, the warehouse was beginning to experience some significant space and flow limitations due to its inefficient racking. To overcome these issues impacting the business, Karcher engaged Safer Storage Systems to provide a solution that met their desired capacity and flow targets.

After reviewing the site, our team found a number of critical factors were contributing to the decreased storage capacity. The most significant issue was that the racking was running 90 degrees in the wrong direction, which was heavily impeding traffic flow, pedestrian access and storage capacity.

Existing layout at Karcher's Warehouse

Existing Layout: Did not allow for sufficient traffic flow.

It also appeared that, over the years, small sections of pallet racking had been added or adapted without considering how it would affect the surrounding areas. So while an immediate problem may have been resolved, the quick fixes did not make for a good solution that would work in the long term.

A complete redesign was necessary to give Karcher the results they were after.

The first step involved taking an overall view of the entire warehouse function rather than focussing on individual spaces, as had happened in the past.

Redesigned Layout At Karcher's Warehouse

New Layout: Created more space in the warehouse,
and improved overall safety and picking flow.

The new solution was able to utilise materials from the existing racking system to reduce the overall cost of the project, while also reducing waste and the environmental impact. To complete the project, we supplied additional used equipment that was compatible with the existing materials.

As the warehouse needed to remain active throughout the construction period, outdoor racking was installed to assist with the staging of inwards and outgoing goods and orders.

Through careful planning and excellent communication with key stakeholders at Karcher and within our own team, we were able to complete the project on time and within budget, while maintaining a fully functioning facility.

Ultimately, the newly laid out racking system has created excellent capacity gains, improved picking flow and a safer environment.