APRIL, 2024 – Australian pallet racking manufacturer and warehouse storage solution expert Safer Storage Systems has announced a partnership with Hikrobot – a global leader in intelligent mobile robot solutions. The partnership further extends Safer Storage Systems’ warehouse automation offering across the ANZ region – forming an integral part of the business’s innovative, end-to-end storage and integration solutions.

Enhanced operations, maximum efficiency

As the demand across industries for faster production and consumer delivery continues to grow, integrating warehouse robotics and automation solutions ensures businesses meet these challenges head-on and stay ahead of the competition.

“In our ever-evolving era of automation, it is vital for businesses to adapt and leverage technologies that enhance operations. This partnership with Safer Storage Systems combines our robotics expertise with industry leading warehouse solutions and will ultimately empower businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and operational excellence,” says Mr. Libbo Feng, Vice President and General Manager of Hikrobot International Division.

The integration of intelligent mobile robot technology working alongside warehouse personnel, will see enhanced productivity and accuracy within warehouses spanning a wide range of industries, such as eCommerce, retail, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Advanced technology and premium quality
Leading the development of industrial intelligence, the advanced Hikrobot range is developed and rigorously tested at the Hikrobot Intelligence Factory. With the capability to produce over 75,000 mobile robots annually, each unit is designed for optimal product performance, harnessing the latest technology and design innovations.

The robust range of scalable mobile robot solutions includes AMRs, AGVs, CTUs and CMRs, along with efficient charging stations. Each unit features advanced sensors, intelligent navigation systems, and exceptional performance to tackle storage and material handling challenges of all sizes.

Smart integration and testing

In the evolving landscape of warehouse automation, ensuring seamless design, integration, and testing of robotics equipment is critical. It creates optimal flow and control over inventory, order fulfilment and equipment performance–and, not to mention, avoiding costly downtime and troubleshooting. Utilising Innoware, a smart, equipment agnostic integration software, businesses can enjoy seamlessly integration across the entire warehouse with a single point of operation. Leveraging smart technology and machine learning, the standards of productivity and innovation in the industrial domain are being redefined.

Commitment to industry-leading solutions and sustainability

“We are excited to partner with Hikrobot to provide industry-leading robotics solutions. It marks a significant step forward in improving intra-logistics and sustainability within facilities of all sizes,” said Matt Bell, Safer Storage Systems Director.

“We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions around the unique requirements of each facility. Our expertise and approach to warehouse design is complemented by our high-quality and innovative product range, including our own Australian-made pallet racking Silverline®, produced in-house at our Melbourne facility, as well automation equipment, accessories, and now, a comprehensive robotics range,” Matt adds.

By integrating the latest technology with advanced storage solutions design and equipment, businesses can improve efficiency and profitability, and ultimately pave the way for continued success in an increasingly competitive market.