Hayward Pool Products (AUST) was quickly running out of pallet locations in their Melbourne warehouse and had begun utilising an off-site storage space, which was to be a temporary solution while they secured a larger warehouse in which to consolidate all products.

In July 2015, Hayward engaged Safer Storage Systems to commence planning the design of a new pallet racking solution for their new warehouse under construction in Dandenong South. This brand new facility, set for completion in November, would allow them to store all Melbourne stock conveniently under the one roof.

Hayward Pools Frames Set Up

With its headquarters in Elizabeth, New Jersey, along with warehouses throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Australia, and over ninety years in business, Hayward Pool Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment.

The new racking and shelving layout planned for Melbourne was designed specifically for the business’s range of pool maintenance and cleaning products, which included allocations for more than 2,000 oversized pallets requiring a bay load capacity of 10,000kg.

Setting up for the installation at Hayward Pools

As with any project, safety is always the number one priority. However, it was especially important for this particular project due to the size and weight of many of the products to be stored. With careful consultation with industrial engineers, the SSS team were able to develop a storage system that met the requirements set out by of the Australian Standard, AS 4084-2012.

Hayward Pool Products (AUST) opted for SSS Racking materials for this project – not only did it offer them great value for money; it also offered them the quality required for a long-term warehouse storage solution. SSS Racking is manufactured with more steel, providing a more durable, long-term solution – learn more about the range here.

Premium Pallet Racking

The new storage layout also included 160 widespan picking levels to accommodate smaller items to be hand loaded and unloaded. As warehouse staff would frequently access these shelves, it was important to ensure the shelf levels sat flush with no sharp edges. To achieve this, the SSS Team proposed 25mm board to be used with our SSS Step Beams, creating a level surface across the beam and board.

In addition to the new racking and shelving system, a number of heavy-duty workbenches were also installed. These generous and sturdy benches are the ideal workstation in a busy warehouse or workshop.

During the Installation At Hayward Pools

Prior to commencing the project, the Safer Storage Systems team identified that materials from the previous site were still in good condition. While these materials weren’t compatible with the new layout, the items were traded in as part of a buy-back to offset some of the overall project costs.

The coordination of this project was also important to reduce any downtime for the business. As such, the new pallet racking installation commenced as soon as the warehouse build was complete. This meant that the Hayward team could relocate their stock into the new racking with little disruption to their day-to-day warehouse activities.

Once all stock had been transferred to the new warehouse, the SSS Team then went in to the recently vacated premises to remove the racking as part of the trade in of materials.

The new storage system has created ample pallet locations for Hayward Pool Products (AUST) and provides a safe and efficient work environment. With ample planning, the team were able to upgrade their storage system and get a return on their existing assets with minimal disruption to the running of their business.

Completed Warehouse at Hayward Pools

“Hayward Pool Products (AUST) reviewed major racking companies and found that Safer Storage Systems had a competitive edge compared with other companies from a financial perspective as well as their product and service offering.

From start to finish, the Safer Storage Systems team acted in a professional manner ensuring every aspect of the project was executed safely, especially during the installation and dismantling of racking.

James Hardy, who led the project, demonstrated great attention to detail and excellent communication throughout the entire process. I personally would not hesitate to recommend James and the Safer Storage team to other businesses and will certainly utilise their services again.”

Dean Calvert
National Operation Supply Chain Manager
Hayward Pool Products (Aust)

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