Safer Storage Systems (SSS) is passionate about creating strong partnerships with like-minded businesses whose values align with their own. The team is focused on creating innovative and high-quality storage systems and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the organisation as a whole.

“We want to do good work with good people, and our partnership with Gonvarri Material Handling (GMH) is the perfect example,” says Matt Bell, Safer Storage Systems’ Managing Director.

In 2019, SSS partnered with GMH, a leading-European steel manufacturer with cutting-edge products and a passion for innovation. GMH’s commitment to setting industry benchmarks in warehouse storage systems and sustainability initiatives aligns 100% with the SSS team’s own values and goals.

This partnership has allowed SSS to improve its product offering throughout Australia and expand into new markets. The team continue to be inspired by their European counterpart and work closely with the GMH team to consistently improve their offering to local regions.

GMH/SSS Partnership Extended

SSS has recently reviewed and extended the partnership agreement with GMH – an exciting step for all involved. This has allowed SSS to expand its range of products to be manufactured in Australia, as well as further extend the breadth of products available for local distribution.

“Local manufacturing is something that has been really important to our team. We know the advantages it offers our customers in terms of quality and shorter lead times. It also helps reduce the environmental impact that comes with overseas freight. GMH are a powerhouse across the globe and we are proud to partner with them to manufacture and supply the European-quality range to our customers here in Australia and beyond,” says Matt.

“Safer Storage System has fast become a key distribution facility in our global network. Myself, and the GMH team, couldn’t be happier with the quality of local production. It’s exciting to have SSS on board for the long-term,” adds Sergio Rodriguez Cuesta

Exclusive Rights Extended to New Zealand

In addition to extending the SSS/GMH partnership agreement in Australia, SSS has also secured exclusive rights supplying into the New Zealand market.

“Safer Storage System have a proven track record of delivering high quality products and exceptional service. We look forward to now bring that same execution into the New Zealand market – watch this space!”  says Brian Howson, the Chief Technology Officer for GMH.

For SSS, the renewed partnership agreement means exciting new collaborations are on the horizon and the opportunity to share their passion for quality pallet racking and storage solutions with even more businesses.

SSS are proud to be the exclusive Australian and New Zealand supplier of the Gonvarri Material Handling range of European manufactured storage systems and look forward to a long and bright future with GMH.

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