Whether your priority is capacity, flexibility, design or all of the above, modular shelving can be as versatile as your vision.
Modular shelving is a fully configurable system, allowing users to make adjustments as required to suit the ever changing needs of any business.

Modular shelving offers businesses of all sizes a number of advantages. Here are our top 4 Benefits of Modular Shelving:

1. Custom Design

The way your business prefers to utilise space is determined by the nature and scope of your business. Modular shelving is adaptable, flexible and completely customisable, enabling you to decide how many shelf levels to install and at what height. It allows for the addition of small parts storage, bin fronts, doors and other customised accessories to suit your needs. This gives you complete control of your storage space, making it easy to customise a layout that works for both your staff and your business.

2. Maximise Capacity

Modular shelving allows you to alter and change the number of shelves, as well as the spacing between shelves to meet your inventory needs. This means that you are able to utilise and maximise your storage capacity, both now and in the future. The streamline design also allows for more bays of shelving to fit into your storage space, as it is less bulky than a widespan shelving system. For lighter hand picked items such spare parts, modular shelving is the ideal storage solution.

3. Adapts To Your Business

As your business grows or changes, you are able to modify all components of your modular shelving. Your business may only have a small number of SKU’s now or a certain type or size of product, and if this changes in the future, a modular system can simply be updated rather than completely replaced.

Whether you require additional shelves, bin fronts, drawer units or even need to extend the number of bays, it is all achievable – giving you the ability to adapt the storage system to what you store. It offers you more options and flexibility than regular shelving, which can help save on the cost of updating your stock room or filing system, while also improving efficiency.

Rather than adapt the way you operate, the shelving system grows and adapts alongside your business.

4. Versatility

Modular shelving is so adaptable and versatile, it has infinite combinations and practical applications. For example, this efficient shelving system can fit and be incorporated into raised storage areas and its clean seamless design blends well into any area, whether it be in your warehouse, stocking room or behind your trade counter. It can also be used in an office environment for file storage to provide even more storage options.

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