Any business that stores and moves a large quantity of products in a warehouse setting faces challenges to maximise available warehouse space and increase picking and packing efficiency – all while putting safety first.

While acquiring more space may alleviate some concerns, it isn’t always practical, nor is it always the ideal solution. So, the question becomes – “how do you get more from your existing facility?”

This where planning and data come into their own.

No two warehouses are the same. Additionally, every business will have its own set of challenges and requirements – and the standard approach to racking just doesn’t address these aspects.

In some cases, a standard racking layout can result in compatibility issues with materials handling equipment, it can interrupt traffic flow and/or result in other inefficiencies throughout the warehouse.

Taking the time upfront to analyse a space and operational data allows a storage solution and equipment to be planned around the specific needs of your business. This significantly improves business efficiency and profitability. These benefits improve return on investment for years to come.

Here at Safer Storage Systems, we do more than just supply and deliver. We look at multiple aspects of your business using data, logic and observation. This allows us to engineer a comprehensive storage solution that is backed by qualified information – not guess work.

We use the three pillars of design to develop the most appropriate facility options: Data, Logic and Observation.


We take a snapshot of the stock you have on hand and how it moves in and out of the warehouse, including:

  • Inventory levels, type and dimensions
  • Storage locations
  • Picking/packing processes
  • Frequency of each SKU moving in and out of the warehouse


We use logic to analyse and find the most efficient way to use the available space and select the storage solution that balances your storage needs with storage capacity. Looking at strategies to improve the material handling processes and how to increase picking/packing speeds without compromising on safety.


Taking the time to observe what you do and how you do it allows us to identify any additional challenges and inefficiencies in the way your business is currently utilising the warehouse.

Using a combined approach to plan storage layouts and equipment means you can fit more in and increase functionality.

If you’re interested in learning about how the latest strategies and storage equipment can help your business get more out of your warehouse, click here to book an on-site consultation.