Gone are the days where one storage system fits all. Homogeneous storage systems are a thing of the past. Custom storage solutions are paving the way to increased efficiencies and greater ROI.

Businesses can reduce their costs and improve efficiency of their warehouse by customising their storage systems. Below we look into how:

1. Maximising all available storage space

A business may look to expand their storage footprint when they feel that they have run out of available space. This is usually caused by steady growth and/or changing storage requirements or a change in product mix.

Maximising all available warehouse space can involve also considering your vertical space. A custom storage system could incorporate both small parts storage and bulky storage all in the one area. For example, moving from block stacking your bulky items in one area and having your small parts in another; you could re-design your racking so that the lower levels of storage are for picking and the higher levels are used for the storage of your bulky items.

Other elements that can affect your ability to utilise available space are, traffic patterns, where the racking and shelving is placed and the overall design of your warehouse.

2. Storage space tailored to your storage requirements

To allow for effective materials handling you need to be able to define and understand your storage zones, the product that is being stored and handled and your replenishment requirements. From here you can tailor a storage system that best matches your product needs and operational goals.

Customising your racking or shelving will provide you with maximum flexibility in order to meet changing storage and handling requirements as your business continues to grow and change.

3. Improved storage efficiency

Knowing where your product is and how to get to it quickly is key to effective space utilisation and storage efficiency.

If you can improve efficiency it is likely you can increase responsiveness to change, reduce waste and lower costs. Increased efficiency also has a flow on effect. The warehouse will be able to pick, pack and replenish quicker and send more product out the door, in turn increasing your ROI.