Safer Storage Systems (SSS) is a local business built from the ground up by owners and directors, Matt and Tony Bell. SSS is proud to be certified Australian made and owned, and supported by the green and gold logo. 

With renewed focus on supporting local businesses and boosting the Australian economy, locally made products mean more jobs for Australians as well as a host of benefits for the buyer. 

In 2021, SSS commenced the production of P90+ Racking right here in Melbourne. It offers customers shorter lead times, reduced freight costs and consistently high quality at any time of year. 

Avoiding international freight is a significant advantage. Shipping pallet racking from overseas suppliers can often add weeks to lead times, and not to mention additional freight costs. Locally manufactured products also offer consistent quality due to the high standards for safety and quality control we have in place here in Australia.  

P90+ Racking is a cutting-edge pallet racking product designed in Europe by world leading engineers. Safer Storage Systems has the exclusive rights to manufacture the racking components locally in Australia – providing businesses across the country with access to the premium product range. 

SSS is equipped with industrial welding machines located at their Dandenong South premises with beams welded and painted on site, on demand. It offers businesses greater flexibility.  

The ability to produce the racking locally, from start to finish, allows SSS to maintain complete control over product supply and keep up with demand for product at all times of the year. It also reduces the reliance on international supply chains, giving the SSS team and customers confidence in product access now and well into the future. 

Choosing SSS SILVERLINE® racking is also a more sustainable pallet racking option. The locally made racking range produces 85% less carbon emissions when compared to relative sources shipped from Europe or Asia. That’s because the process for manufacturing galvanised beams produces less emissions than powder coated beams. Additionally, as our pallet racking is made in Australia, there is no associated overseas freight impact. Yet another benefit of Australian Made. 

Our stringent quality control ensures every aspect of our SILVERLINE® racking meets the highest standards. SSS check crucial measurements using Go/No Go jigs specifically manufactured for the P90+ range ensuring quality products.  

SSS is now set to expand its manufacturing capabilities after securing precision equipment to produce an additional component for the SILVERLINE® range. SSS will be the first to produce this component outside of the GMH facilities in Europe. More details to be revealed soon.

Director Matt Bell says, “Supporting local has never been more important and manufacturing our P90+ Racking in Australia allows us to maintain a strong and stable supply for our customers. The product itself is also a standout in the industry, and we invite all businesses to discover the quality firsthand.”

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To learn more about SILVERLINE® Racking and calculate your potential carbon savings for your next project, click here.