Team Systems is one of Australia’s leading materials handling suppliers with a strong focus on growing its product range and creating high quality specialised equipment. Established in Melbourne in 1994, the business now has multiple warehouses and showrooms across Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

With the expansion of the business and its stock holding requirements, the existing storage system at the primary warehouse in Melbourne was becoming limited in its flexibility and selectivity. It was evident that a larger facility was needed to accommodate the changed storage requirements.

Mid 2015, Team Systems engaged Safer Storage Systems to design, supply and install a new pallet racking solution for the newly acquired warehouse in the Logis Estate, Dandenong South. This was an opportunity for Team Systems to have their warehouse storage better optimised to suit their large range of SKU profiles.
For an extensive product range such as that of Team Systems, a thorough design phase is essential to finding the right solution.

The design team at Safer Storage Systems analysed existing stock profiles and reviewed any current challenges Team Systems was facing out in the warehouse. While also taking into consideration Team System’s day-to-day business operations, the experienced design team designed multiple bay profiles that would maximise storage without compromising flexibility.

New SSS Racking Installed At Team Systems

This project utilised Safer Storage Systems own range of pallet racking materials – SSS Racking. These materials offered Team Systems the durability it was looking for in a storage system, without compromising the budget set out at the beginning of the project. Made with more steel than some leading manufacturers, SSS Racking is becoming the preferred choice for many large businesses across Australia.

In this instance, Safer Storage Systems used a combination of extra-long SSS Beams (3810mm) and Mesh Decks. This solution will not only accommodate the non-standard SKU’s, but also store three standard pallets if required, giving Team Systems the flexibility to easily adjust product locations later.

Mesh Deck To Cater For Non-standard Pallets

Heavy Duty Rack Protection at Aisle Ends

As an added safety measure and to protect the investment, heavy duty rack end protectors were added to each of the aisle ends. This not only meets the requirements set out by Standards Australia; it exceeds them. Standards Australia recommends a 400mm high guard on each upright at an aisle end. In this case heavy duty rack end protectors were selected, as they would be a more durable option compared to a corner guard, and will withstand more impact. The end protector deflects the impact away from the racking structure itself to help prevent major damage to the upright, and a serious incident in the warehouse.

The new pallet racking solution for this warehouse location in Dandenong offers Team Systems more flexibility for their pallet locations and provides the additional storage space they require as the business continues to grow.

New Pallet Racking With Stock

Download the Team Systems Case Study below.

Download the Team Systems Warehouse Storage Case Study