With over 450 outlets across the country and selling over 100,000 products across 7 industries, Reece are constantly updating or relocating their stores and Distribution Centres in line with their expansion and business growth.

Until recently, Reece have managed the storage and logistics of their existing equipment, however with the increasing number of locations; managing all of the associated materials was requiring extensive resources. Resources that were better spent on other areas of the business.

It was no longer practical or efficient for Reece to resource the management or storage of these existing materials internally, as it required a full time team.

It was established that a third party logistics provider was required to manage and store their existing assets.

Reece needed a team with the storage capacity to store and manage all assets for reuse, and the knowledge and experience to handle used storage materials.

The 3PL Service

Safer Storage Systems developed a third party logistics service and introduced a Major Accounts team to help customers, such as Reece, to store, reuse and manage their recycled assets.

Reece 3PL

This 3PL service includes:

• The dismantling of materials and making good sites.
• Storing materials and keeping a database of materials.
• Cleaning and refurbishing materials to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose
• Relocating and installing materials at new sites.

For Reece, we have created a set list of commonly reused assets to help manage the inventory of items, within our internal database. This allows our team to keep track of exactly which materials Reece have available for use at any one time.

Reece 3PL

Outside of this list, anything which is deemed to have little value for reuse or no longer required by Reece, Safer Storage Systems offers to buy-back or arrange for the disposal of that item for them. This helps Reece keep storage costs to a minimum and only retain relevant products.

Safer Storage Systems stores materials on Reece’s behalf, ready to be deployed for future stores and facilities.

By redeploying existing assets, rather than buying all new materials for each installation, it cuts down overheads when setting up new sites.

The Safer Storage Systems Major Accounts team manages the movement and storage of these existing storage assets. We can also refurbish and clean materials as required to make them site specific.

From warehouse to site

The Safer Storage Systems Major Accounts team manages the installation and relocation of all Reece sites across their Australia-wide network.

This includes a combination of their used assets and new products to complete the fitouts as required.

Each store has a similar design and storage configuration, however each store is adjusted and tailored to suit the size and layout of each individual facility. This also helps to maximise the storage capacity, access and operational efficiency.

Safety is paramount for all Reece sites and Safer Storage Systems are always ensuring materials are safe for reuse and evaluating and/or refurbishing existing materials where required to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.

Safer Storage Systems has extensive experience handling used equipment.

Our team is qualified to evaluate used materials, to ensure it has value and is safe for reuse, as well as knowing the best way to handle and store these materials.

The coordination of materials requires excellent communication with Reece project management. This type of open communication requires the dedication and commitment of a team, which is exactly what we have created here at Safer Storage Systems where we endeavour to always offer storage solutions without boundaries.