For short-term projects, or locations requiring a flexible solution, renting instead of buying materials offers some significant advantages. It can have a positive effect on cash flow and makes it easier to upgrade, change or return materials to suit your current requirements.

Agility Logistics is one of the world’s largest integrated logistics providers with locations across 100 countries. To fill a gap in space requirements for their growing customer base in Melbourne they leased a temporary warehouse for which they required a scalable pallet racking solution.

This would satisfy the business’s immediate storage needs, while giving the team time to look for a larger, more permanent site.

To accommodate this temporary, third party solution, Agility Logistics opted to lease the pallet racking system rather than purchase it outright. This flexible, off balance sheet solution would allow the business to cater to its increasing customer requirements and set co-terminating lease agreements with other sites.

The installation was completed in three stages, each stage commenced as Agility Logistics took on additional space to meet the storage needs of their customers. Upon completion, the racking layout could store in excess of 4,000 pallets.

Pallet Spaces in Rented Racking

In addition to offering great business advantages, renting pallet racking is also an environmentally friendly option for any warehouse. Fitting out the warehouse with AS4084 – 2012 compliant used racking, also meant that no new racking needed to be manufactured, further cutting down the carbon emissions of the project.

Now that Agility Logistics has acquired a new location, the racking system can be removed and returned to Safer Storage Systems for re-use. After inspecting the racking, our team will dismantle the storage system and, if required, make-good the warehouse to restore the flooring, ready for the next tenant.

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“The Safer Storage Systems team developed a flexible plan that suited the needs of our growing business. Leasing the pallet racking materials for our site in Dandenong South has allowed us to quickly adapt to the needs of customers, and given us the freedom to move quickly, once we found the rite site.”
Peter Nield
, National 3PL Manager