Natural Candle Supply stocks Australia’s largest range of candle making materials and fragrances. This growing online store distributes products nation-wide, as well as giving local customers the option to pick up their
order from either the Melbourne or Sydney warehouse/showroom.

The business relies on its warehouse systems to fulfil customer orders on time and on budget. And with
customer demand steadily increasing, Natural Candle Supply recognised a need for greater storage capacity and improved picking efficiency.

After assessing the existing pallet racking and longspan shelving in the Campbellfield warehouse, our team was able to develop a cost-effective solution that utilised all existing materials, as well as additional used equipment.

This project is a great example that a new warehouse is not always the answer for increasing storage capacity. A well-designed storage system is often a better option than relocating to a premises with greater floor space.

Existing pallet racking at Natural Candle Supply.

The existing pallet racking configuration at Natural Candle Supply only utilised 3658mm of the warehouse height, leaving several metres of storage space above.

In this instance, the original storage system was only 3658mm high, leaving several metres of space above the highest shelf level. The SSS design team were able to map out a new shelving layout that increased both pallet capacity and picking efficiency. The reconfigured system took full advantage of the building height with some frames reaching up to 6096mm.

By reconfiguring the pallet racking and longspan shelving bays, Natural Candle Supply gained additional pallet locations and claimed back valuable floor space. Now, with more room to move, it has eased congestion in the aisles for reduced risk of forklift accidents and faster, more efficient picking and packing times.

SSS increased the height of the pallet racking at Natural Candle Supply

The Safer Storage Systems team was able to reconfigure the existing racking, and use additional secondhand materials to increase the frame heights to 6096mm and add additional shelf levels.

Further more, the installation team were able to complete the installation without impacting the day-to-day business operations. It meant that all customer orders were filled as normal while works were carried out from December 2014 to February 2015.

This was achieved by having a well thought out traffic management plan. Works were staged so that the
installation could clearly segregate all Natural Candle Supply staff from the Installation area, so as there was no cross over of operations.

The final result gives Natural Candle Supply more room to grow their business and keep up with
customer demand.