Jayco is Australia’s most recognised brand for quality and affordable recreational vehicles. Employing over 1,000 Australians, Jayco continues as a locally owned and operated family business.

The business is constantly growing and changing to meet customer’s demands.

Senior management recognised a change of direction in relation to storage and material flow in and around the four manufacturing and pre-assembly plants located in Dandenong South.

The existing product line storage and replenishment processes meant poor stock level visibility on the production line, which created excessive ad-hoc labour requirements to meet production requirements.

The Design Concept

The initial proof of concept involved 30 bays of Carton live storage (CLS) racking to be installed in the Caravan plant. The design concept had to prove:

• Improved visualisation of stock levels.
• Increased efficiency of material flow.
• Racking and tubs meet the requirements to rollout site wide.
• All staff associated with the project are happy with the product and end result.

Safer Storage Systems consulted with Jayco throughout the project to ensure all OH&S requirements were considered and included in the design as appropriate:

• No forklifts accessing the CLS area – all tailored to cater to pedestrians.
• No pallets stored above the CLS.
• Pallets are stored in a different area where stock replenish staff drive a light duty buggy, which is also safe to be operating in the pedestrian area. The stock chaser/replenisher drives to the bulk storage area, taking with them the empty storage tubs from the CLS picking area. They then refill the tubs and put them straight back into the CLS area, ready for picking.

The Custom Storage Solution

Safer Storage Systems were able to visualise, develop, source, manufacture and deliver a versatile material flow solution meeting all criteria of the proof of concept phase and consequently the rollout site wide, which included:

• Design of racking, providing ease of use and also the durability to meet the challenges of a dynamic production environment which is simple to assemble and adjust as necessary.

• Source and supply a lightweight but sturdy container selection suitable for the heavy use associated with the stock replenishment process of Jayco.

• CLS was selected to enable best access and was tailored to suit the specific product being stored. The system is complete with three CLS picking levels and one return tray level at the bottom to ensure speed of replenishment.

Case Study: Jayco

Case Study CLS

Storage system benefits

• Increased efficiency while decreasing required floor space.
• Condensed pick faces and multiple pick locations means less distance for the operators to access parts.
• Ideal for businesses with a large number of unique products that are picked in small quantities.
• Optional tilt shelf for improved picking and OH&S.
• Optimal pick location and heights to relieve operator stress/strain.

Cantilever Racking

Safer storage systems supplied and installed new cantilever racking site wide, providing excellent storage options for a number of varying products.

Cantilever offers 100% selectivity and optimal visualisation of stock variation and levels.

Products stored include; aluminium extrusion, timber LP section, powder coated extrusion and heavy chassis steel raw materials.

The single entry cantilever has capacity to store 750kg per arm.

The double entry has storage capacity of 1000kg per arm due to the weight being counter balanced by the second side.

Throughout the entire project minimal disruption to the production process was required so that the project did not slow down Jayco’s day-today operations.