This storage design meant that Safer Storage Systems were able to increase the pallet spaces from 10,720 to 12,805 pallet spaces, giving Holden 20% more storage overall.

The history of Holden dates back to 1856, when James Alexander Holden started as a saddlery manufacturer in Adelaide.

The company has evolved from repairing car upholstery to the full scale production of vehicle body shells, with now over 150 years of history helping Australians travel.

Holden Small parts operations in Dandenong required a pallet racking solution to store standard pallets, with products weighing 800kg each.

The Storage Requirement

Holden were very specific about their requirements and had prepared some initial thoughts in terms of layout and bay elevations, the project was then put out to tender. Holden required the following to be considered in the design phase:

• Minimum of 3300mm aisle width throughout all racking.
• Ensuring access to emergency doors and egress is maintained.
• Mesh backing provided for the aisle which was to back onto a walkway.
• Heavy duty rack protection throughout.

The Storage Solution

Safer Storage Systems conducted an initial site survey to review the available space In the Holden warehouse. From this site visit, and taking into consideration the customer’s requirements, Safer Storage Systems proposed a simple storage option that significantly increased Holden’s storage capacity.

A mix of double deep racking and selective pallet racking was chosen to fulfil Holden’s storage requirement, as this option of combining double deep and selective racking allowed for greater storage capacity without significantly reducing selectivity for Holden.

Double deep racking

Double deep racking

Double deep racking allows for storage two pallets deep, which reduces the number of aisles required, while still offering a good amount of product selectivity.

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This storage design meant that Safer Storage Systems were able to increase the pallet spaces from 10,720 to 12,805 pallet spaces, giving Holden 20% more storage overall.

Selective pallet racking Holden

Safety Considerations

• This project saw a brand new pallet racking system implemented into the warehouse. Because it differed from the existing storage system installed, it meant that warehouse operators needed to be updated on the safe use of this new system.

• Safety bump stops were installed to locate the reach truck in front of the racking. These are physical barriers that are placed in front of the racking that ensure the forklift operator does not drive too far into the racking and hit the beams when sending the tynes into the double deep racking. Safer Storage Systems also completed practical tests to ensure we had the correct measurements for the locations of safety bump stops.

Safety bump stops

• For all racking over 4 metres high, guide rails and back stops were installed. With items stored two locations deep, visibility on higher shelf levels is limited. So in order to help guide forklift operators, guide rails were installed. This provides added safety and improves efficiency.

Timing was critical for this project and during the installation the site was fully operational, with two shifts per day, creating a 16 hour working day. Therefore, Safer Storage Systems was required to manage deliveries and works so as to limit the interference with Holden’s day-to-day operations.

To do this, the Safer Storage Systems crew worked strictly within the racking areas being installed.

The end result for Holden was a more efficient and cost effective warehouse that has the capacity to store 20% more in the same storage footprint.

“Excellent customer service and responsiveness to all items. Project finished on budget and ahead of schedule”Nayani Meemanage Read review here