With the recent acquisition of a new warehouse facility, Fat Shack required all of their existing racking to be relocated to the new facility and additional rackng to be supplied to create a larger capacity storage system.

Fat Shack stock a range of quality vintage industrial styled lighting, lamps, light bulbs and lighting accessories.

All existing racking was low height, designed for hand picking and the business had outgrown this system.

Safer Storage Systems had supplied materials to Fat Shack in the past and in this instance was awarded the opportunity to provide the appropriate storage solution to suit their growing business.

They needed additional storage levels and additional bays of racking to create two manual picking levels with two levels of pallet storage above, creating a picking area for their smaller items and an area above for their bulky items to be stored.

Fat Shack

Re-using existing materials

The racking at the previous site needed to be counted and checked to ascertain how many beams, frames, board and accessories could be relocated and installed into the new site. From here, Safer Storage Systems could work out what new materials were required to complete the installation.

This combination of new beams and secondhand frames involved effective coordination of the secondhand materials to be onsite as per the construction schedule. Timing was imperative as these materials were coming direct from another project and needed to meet up with the new materials to enable a timely installation.

Installation was completed in two stages, three days at a time to work within the timings of their new facility.

The Designed Solution

Fat Shack had a layout in mind and Safer Storage Systems worked to that with minimal adjustments. The adjustments that were made were to increase safety by adding corner guards to the bays of pallet racking where forklifts would be driving down.

The new design was simple in its configuration, allowing for single entry picking levels for smaller products and pallet storage above.

• Approximately 70 bays of existing racking were relocated, with 45 additional beam levels added in at the new warehouse.
• 180 additional new bays were incorporated into the new warehouse design.
• Board was installed for the picking levels and the pallet racking to create a smooth and flat surface for products, and to cater for the storage of EURO/non-standard pallets. The board was screwed into the beam, locking it in place for additional stability.

Fat Shack installation

This installation included a range of their own existing racking materials, secondhand and new Safer Storage Systems racking materials. Incorporating exisiting materials with a balance of secondhand and new racking helped reduce the cost of their overall project, and enabled them to achieve the desired storage capacity for their growing business.

‘‘It was a pleasure working with Safer Storage Systems again for our change of warehouse locations. From start to finish they were attentive, professional and candid. They also offer sound advice with cost saving benefits other companies failed to mention. They worked well within our budget and we will be sure to recommend them to anyone in the future” – Craig Moodie, Fat Shack Vintage.