This project for Biscay Greetings saw over 4000 pallet racking spaces installed in a brand new warehouse in Dandenong South. After outgrowing their previous two Melbourne warehouses, this new facility was developed to provide ample space to continue growing the business under one roof, rather than multiple locations.

Utilising new SSS Racking materials as well as all existing storage materials from the previous two Biscay locations in Melbourne, the SSS team developed a space with maximum storage capacity and 100% selectivity.

Biscay Greetings supplies a range of gift accessories, including cards, gift wrap, gift bags, calendars and diaries to retailers Australia-wide. With a number of warehouse locations across the country, the business is investing in long-term growth to maintain great value on their comprehensive range of products.

Working with the council, the team at Biscay Greetings developed a state of the art warehouse to accommodate their growing stock requirements, and allow for a dedicated print production area. As customers are frequently entering the warehouse, they needed a facility that was both practical as well as professional.

The new Biscay Greetings warehouse

The storage system was configured to work in with the building and the business’s operational goals. The fast moving stock was best suited to a selective pallet racking configuration which offered the greatest warehouse efficiency. Windows along the warehouse meant the racking needed to be stepped down at certain points to prevent products falling onto the glass. This also maintained the overall look of the building from the outside, rather than obscuring the view with mesh barrier.

Biscay Greetings Storage System under construction

Commencing in July 2016, new SSS Racking was utilised to create the first 3000 pallet spaces. At this stage, the SSS crew relocated all Melbourne stock into the new racking. This then allowed for the existing racking to be removed from the old locations and reinstalled in the new warehouse, creating a total of 4,000+ pallet spaces.

In addition to this, several bays of Biscay’s existing longspan shelving were also relocated to the new warehouse for items that could be hand loaded and unloaded.

In the packing area, Safer Storage Systems installed new workbenches to provide adequate bench space for the Biscay Greetings’ warehouse team to package up products and orders.

Using new SSS Racking materials and recycling existing assets allowed Biscay to maximise their budget and create the storage system that best met their storage needs. It’s also a simple way for the business to reduce its carbon footprint.

Biscay Greetings Pallet Racking

Safer Storage Systems managed the entire process from start to finish. From creating the storage layout and installing the new racking to relocating all existing stock and racking to the new premises.

The team also took care of safety details, installing heavy duty rack end protection and safe working load signs as standard, but also adding heavy duty plastic column protectors throughout building to protect the building from forklift collisions. SSS even organised the line marking throughout the warehouse to denote walkways to fire exits.