A raised storage area or mezzanine is a structure supported by either free standing steel columns or a shelving/racking structure, and can be custom designed to fit a number of different warehouse spaces and operational needs.

Why pay for additional space when you can increase the footprint of your existing site?

A raised storage area (RSA) creates an extra level of space above an existing work or storage area. This additional space can be utilised for a wide range of purposes, such as:

• Suitable for almost any picking requirement
• Area for slow moving stock
• New or additional office space
• Archive storage
• Work space

RSA offer many benefits for businesses. Below we look at the top four:

1. Increased storage space

A raised storage area allows for the addition of an entire extra floor. This additional floor space can be used to either free up existing space, better utilise the current space, increase the number of products SKU’s, or create a space for seasonal stock or slow moving stock. In many instances a warehouse storage space can be doubled by installing a mezzanine floor.

2. Increased Flexibility

A major benefit of incorporating a raised storage area into a warehouse space, is increased flexibility. Due to its demountable structure, an RSA can easily be reconfigured, moved or relocated to suit the requirements of the changing business.

3. Cost effective

Rather than investing in an entire new space by either relocating or purchasing an additional warehouse space, a business can look at installing a raised storage area, which eliminates the hassle of moving or relocating.

4. Ongoing savings

Raised storage areas are designed to integrate seamlessly into a business and to maximise the available storage space. The additional storage area provided and the flexibility offered by mezzanine storage means that the benefits to the business will be ongoing.

A raised storage area is the ideal way to make use of the height of your warehouse. This demountable structure offers heavy duty capacity, and can easily be removed or reconfigured to suit your business needs. With the ability to add shelving above and below to create a fully customised storage space.

If you are looking to minimise costs whilst maximising profitability, then mezzanine storage could be the storage solution for you.

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