Could a double deep pallet racking configuration be the right fit for your business? Read on to find out.

In any warehouse, one of the most valuable assets is space. But it’s not just the number of pallet locations that’s important. It’s also about pallet access.

A double deep pallet racking configuration offers about 30-40% more pallet locations than single entry
shelving, while also allowing 50% of products to be reached at all times.

With a reduced warehouse footprint, this racking profile offers a good balance between storage density and product accessibility.

Items are stored two pallets deep, allowing product lines (SKUs) to be kept closer together. With like-products contained within a smaller area, it’s easier for warehouse staff to locate, which ultimately increases picking

Increase Storage Capacity with Double Deep Pallet Racking

Double Deep Racking is also a cost effective choice as it allows for long-term flexibility. Should your
warehouse needs change in the future, beam levels can be adjusted or the
shelving can be reconfigured to a selective racking
configuration. So you are not locking yourself into one configuration with your investment.

Top 5 benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racking

1. Efficient use of floor space with a good aisle/shelving ratio
2. Increase storage density by around 30-40% with good selectivity
3. Keep product lines together by storing two pallets deep
4. Easily reconfigured to adjust shelf levels or convert to selective racking
5. A Cost-effective racking configuration

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How to access the rear pallet

Double deep guide rails
With items stored two locations deep, visibility on higher shelf levels is limited. So in order to help guide
forklift operators, guide rails are installed. This provides added safety and improves efficiency.

Fork truck access
A regular fork truck isn’t able to extend far enough to pick pallets at the rear location. A pantographic reach truck is a common option here or, alternatively, an extendible tyne attachment can be used to access the rear pallet.

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Top Five Benefits of Double Deep Racking