When buying products for your business you want to know that they are safe and fit for purpose, especially when it comes to warehouse materials. Reducing hazards in your storage area helps protect your staff and products from damage – and contributes to meeting Australian safe working standards.

Standards Australia is Australia’s peak non-government standards body. This organisation provides a set of mandatory safety guidelines for many commercially sold items, including pallet racking.

The most recent Australian Standard for steel racking (AS 4084-2012) was introduced to ensure manufacturers consider up-to-date international learnings in design and application for heavy-duty steel structures. This includes the latest principles set out by the European and North American steel racking manufacturing institutes.

The AS 4084-2012 sets out the minimum requirements and responsibilities for all static, closed faced steel storage racking systems installed in Australia.

This covers all aspects, including:

• Design
• Fabrication
• Erection tolerances
• Test methods
• Operation
• And maintenance

Is your racking AS 4084-2012 compliant?

Your pallet racking supplier should be able to provide the appropriate documentation to show its adherence to the safety standard. However, if any of your racking is damaged, this certification is no longer valid.

Further to this, older racking systems that fall outside the manufacturers warranty are also not guaranteed to meet the necessary requirements to be deemed safe and may not meet work safety requirements.

Talk to your pallet racking supplier or an experienced rack inspector to determine the safety of your warehouse shelving.

Your responsibilities.

To maintain AS 4084-2012 certification, it is the warehouses responsibility to have their shelving system
professionally audited every 12 months. This will also identify any repairs or maintenance required to avoid major damage or accidents in the future. Click here to learn more about Pallet Racking Inspections.

In the event of a major incident in your warehouse, you’ll be required to show proof that your racking has been regularly checked and maintained by a professional.

In addition to annual rack inspections, up-to-date safe working load signs must be displayed to show clear instructions for use. Your supplier or rack inspector can provide the signage you require, once your racking has been installed.

For more information on product safety, please visit Product Safety Australia.

To book a rack inspection, contact us here.