Technology is improving the way we do business in countless ways, including warehouse operations. Automated and semi-automated storage systems offer businesses a huge range of benefits and exceptional ROI – and it’s not just for those with large budgets.

Here’s why every business should consider optimising their storage space through automation.

1. High Density Storage With High Selectivity

Automated and semi-automated racking systems allow for a greater number of pallet spaces without sacrificing selectivity. It means businesses can store more in any given warehouse and achieve efficient load and unload times.

2. Reduced Operational Cost

As the storage system is controlled electronically, fewer warehouse operators are required to manage the system. It gives businesses the opportunity to achieve more from every shift, and dramatically reduce the chance of warehouse incidences.

3. Faster Load and Unload Times

Storage automation helps to speed up loading and unloading times. Forklift operators no longer have to spend time searching for pallet spaces, as the storage system takes care of this – either by moving pallets into position (Pallet Shuttle), or by opening up the working aisle required (Movirack).

4. More Accurate Storage

As the systems are controlled electronically, storage allocation and retrieval becomes far more precise. Many Automated systems can also be integrated with your warehouse management system (WMS) for complete digital control.

5. Create A More Economical Storage Space

Automated storage systems require a smaller footprint, which allows businesses to construct smaller, more energy efficient warehouses that cater for a greater number of pallets. This is particularly relevant for cool rooms and freezer temperatures, as it costs less to refrigerate the area.

6. Safer Working Environments

With fewer operators required and a number of in-built safety features, automated storage systems dramatically reduce the risk of warehouse incidences. Systems, such as the Pallet Shuttle, require little interaction from a forklift, which helps to avoid damaging the racking.

7. Greater Return On Investment

When you consider the benefits mentioned above, automated and semi-Automated storage systems provides a cost effective, safe and efficient way to store more pallets with high selectivity. The high quality materials are long-lasting and hard-wearing, making for a high performance system that will stand the test of time in any warehouse or storage facility.

7 Reasons To Automate Warehouse Storage

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