When it comes to developing new products and storage solutions for our customers, our designers create 3D technical mock-ups to ensure all components fit together perfectly, as well as fitting the space.

The benefits of seeing the proposed product in 3D gives you a clear view of the end result before placing your order. It takes out any
guesswork, so you’ll know exactly what to expect at the end of your project.

It also allows for our designers and storage experts to develop the best and most functional solution. With all components designed and checked prior to manufacturing, it saves time and money in troubleshooting later.

The design programs used are able to take into consideration the load capacity and performance of materials used, right down to the smallest bolt. Our designers can then show you what the solution will look like in-situ with a very realistic, digital rendering.

The featured images below of a new base for Gondola shelving were developed by one of our experienced designers, Tim Pierre-Humbert. Working in the storage industry for over 16 years, he is passionate about staying on top of industry standards in design and technology, to offer our customers the very best concepts.

These unique new stands are based on the standard size and shape of a pallet to allow a forklift or pallet jack to move them, or items to be stacked on top of them. This gives the customer greater flexibility, as the same equipment used to move pallets in the warehouse can be used to rearrange the showroom.

From the design of a custom steel pallet base for gondola shelving …

3D Render of Metal Pallet

… to the final product.

Metal Pallet For Gondola Shelving

The level of detail achieved in the 3D renders is quite remarkable – and, like in this case of the steel pallet/gondola base shown above, it can be hard to spot the difference between concept and reality.

The drawings give our team and customers confidence in the final results for every project. And it’s just one of the many ways technology is helping us create more innovative and accurate storage solutions.

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