January is a great time to evaluate old processes and start fresh. Now, let’s take a look at a few of the things that will help get your warehouse ready for a bigger and better 2016!

Get Everything In Order

For Every Minute Spent In Organising An Hour Is Earned

A tidy warehouse is a great start, but a well-organised warehouse is going to help improve stock flow and order fulfilment. Learn how to improve warehouse slotting here.

Rethink your Processes

Update Your Warehouse Processes

Your warehouse processes should grow and adapt to suit your business. Spend a little time now to improve the stock flow in your warehouse can save you hours later – check out these common warehouse stock issues and how to manage them.

For more ways to increase warehouse efficiency, click here.

Review or Create Safety Plans

Create or Update Your Safety Plan

Workplaces are constantly changing and evolving, and so too should your safety practices. Developing a comprehensive plan to help protect your staff and products is essential for a successful warehouse. Click here to get your Safety Plan Checklist.

Pallet Racking Health Check

Racking Safety Inspection

Although pallet racking is made of very tough materials, damage to any of the components or overloading the racking can cause it to become unsafe. Find out if your pallet racking is out of date with this checklist – click here.

Standards Australia also has a set of guidelines for which outline the minimum requirements for Pallet Racking. Read more about AS 4084-2012 here.

Update Your Storage System

Reconfigure or Update Your Racking

With new innovations in storage systems or changes in your business affects storage flow. A new storage systems or simple reconfiguration of your existing pallet racking could help improve warehouse storage capacity and picking and packing efficiency.

That doesn’t have to mean it should be a huge cost to the business – see our tips on how to save on pallet racking here. You’ll also find more tips for buying pallet racking here.

And until 30 June 2017, small businesses can claim back depreciable purchases for their businesses under $20,000. Learn more about the Tax Rebate For Small Business here.

If you have any questions on how to improve storage efficiency in your warehouse, contact us today.