Long or awkwardly shaped products are best stored using a cantilever racking system. This allows appropriate support for products to be stored safely and securely. It also provides more direct access to the products at all times, as there are no vertical uprights or horizontal beams at the front of the racking impeding access.

Cantilever systems are, generally, considered compact and help to reduce aisle space, however, in this example, the space was already exceptionally narrow.

Cantilver system to be replaced.

Existing cantilever system.

With the stock requirements for this business increasing, the existing cantilever arms were failing under the weight, the warehouse required an urgent solution to replace the existing, inadequate system. The storage capacity and load rating both needed to increase, while ensuring the cantilever arms didn’t extend too far from the wall to allow staff access for hand loading and unloading.

The Safer Storage Systems design team created a customised cantilever system out of pallet racking that suites the narrow space with increased weight loading capacity for the increase in copper pipes to be stored.

To minimise the overall depth of the system, a perimeter bay was constructed with the customised cantilever arms installed on the inside. This reduced the overall depth of the frames and bottom supports traditionally required for cantilever racking and are held firm by overhead bracing beams providing access for staff to walk underneath. The arms were swapped to the opposite side to allow for safer and easier handling of the pipes when coming in or going out.

Updated Cantilver Using SSS Materials.

Redesigned Cantilever System.

This custom configuration utilises a combination of new SSS Racking and fabricated materials, making it both cost-effective and functional. It has certainly freed up valuable space in the busy stock area. And, due to the flexibility of this design, a similar solution will be rolled out across more stores within the customer’s network of warehouses.

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